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TakeOverFest 2015

10th Aug 18th Dec 2015
Project Details
  • Place
Creative Team
  • Curator and Artist: Scottee

Take Over Festival 2015 sees Scottee invite artists, performers and friends to take over shops, parks, tunnels and taxis for 3 months of arts.

TakeOverFest 2015 is an artist led programme of work for and with St.Helens people and place.

In late 2014 artist and broadcaster Scottee vsited St.Helens for the first time, leading to a residency in early 2015. After Scottee spent time meeting and working with people from St Helens Heart of Glass asked him to 'take over' and curate a three-month arts festival.

The resulting programme was TakeOverFest 2015. Scottee has sourced some of the best artists and entertainers from across the region (and beyond), inviting them to take over empty shops, parks, tunnels and even minicabs to create a fun festival for all ages.

The programme includes raves for kids, stand up poetry, haunted ghost tours and there’s even a café where you can enjoy a cheap brew whilst people show off at your table!

Scottee talks to us about his time in St Helens and what to expect from TakeOverFest 2015

Take Over Festival Programme

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