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Knitbomb The Park

19th Sep 2015
Event Details
  • Installation,
  • Place
Creative Team
  • Producer: Michelle Wren

St Helens is to host its first knitted park from September.

As part of TakeOverFest 2015, Friends Park on Shaw Street (behind the Quaker House) will be covered in knitting created by local people.

The project commences on 19th September and knitting can be added over the coming days.

‪Michelle Wren of Heart of Glass, said: “The aim is the create the worlds first knitted park. Knit Bombing has really taken off recently, it is a form of art where people use knitting to transform environments by sewing knitting to fit around objects to make them look colourful or transform them into something else. We really want to catch the imagination and have ideas to cover the benches, rocks, grass and trees.”

Heart of Glass is currently looking for donation of wool and looking for knitters or knitting groups to create work. For more information, call 01744 623290 or email