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Jack Rooke - Come Ride With Me

19th Nov 2015
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  • Artist: Jack Rooke

Comedian Jack Rooke invites you to hop in his minicab to talk death, loss and how we treat the bereaved.

At 15 Jack’s dad died of cancer, at 21 his best mate killed himself and quite often he can't find shoes that fit properly.

Comedian Jack Rooke invites you to hop in his minicab to talk death, loss and how we treat the bereaved. This is good grieving - celebrating lost loved ones and finding happiness after tragedy.

As part of TakeOverFest 2015 this performance will take over a St Helens taxi for one night only, with a limited audience of three per perofmance.

Jack Rooke

Jack Rooke is a comedian, performer and campaigner from Watford. He is the resident on-air expert in bereavement for BBC Radio 1’s ‘Surgery’ and hosts award-winning stand-up poetry night Bang Said The Gun.

In 2015 Jack is debuting comedy-theatre show Good Grief, co-written with his 85-year old Nan, Sicely, exploring bereavement, loss and finding happiness after tragedy.

Jack is a resident artist at Roundhouse and Soho Theatre’s Comedy Lab, and hosts The Guardian Literary Institute at Camp Bestival and The Arts Amphitheatre at Bestival.

He has created work for The Independent, Cosmopolitan, BBC Radio 1, The Guardian and Channel 4 as both a comedian and an ambassador for male suicide prevention charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), where Jack curates and hosts comedy showcase ‘SAVE THE MALE in aid of CALM’ to raise awareness of suicide as the single biggest killer of young men in the UK. Jack is also the Deputy Editor of quarterly mens lifestyle magazine The CALMzine.

Jack has performed at Soho Theatre, Roundhouse, Royal Court, Trafalgar Studios, Latitude, Bestival and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

His idols are Ja’mie King, M.I.A., Assata Shakur, Alan Turing, Jon Snow, Stephen Fry, Caroline Lucas, Tracy who works in the Queen Vic (unsung hero) and his mum.

Thursday 19 November

5pm - 8:30pm (Half an hour performance time)

Pick-Up outside Lilly's Tea Rooms