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'The Talk' - Learning Resource

15th Mar 2021

A new, free resource for teachers and those working with children and young people to support the vital work needed to increase learning, knowledge and understanding of racial literacy. Try it out and let us know your thoughts.

Project Details
  • Schools,
  • Young People,
  • Collectivity
Creative Team
  • Lead Artist: Marjorie H. Morgan
  • Graphic Design and Visual Production: Gabriel Morgan
  • Graphic Design Support: Jazamin Sinclair
  • Producer: Kate Houlton

“Developing this learning resource has given me the opportunity to share a portion of the information I wish had been available to me when I was at school.”

In 2020 Marjorie H Morgan created ’The Talk', a short 'public service announcement' style film giving a brief insight into the personal impact of racism in the lives of Black young men in the UK. This powerful film inspired Marjorie to create ‘The Talk’ Learning Resource (TTLR). TTLR is a companion set of resources, that aims to equip teachers with the starting points for wider structured discussions around race and racism, especially in the UK.

We invite you to download and try out our new resource with your young people, and to share your thoughts on the resources with us. 'The Talk' Learning Resource consists of the below downloadable and printable documents. They contain information about 20 people who have made varying contributions to British society throughout history. These individuals and their achievements have in a number of cases been overlooked or ignored.

An illustration of Mathematician Dr Nira Chamberlain OBE
An illustrated image of Actor, Writer, Producer and Director Michaela Ewuraba Boakye-Collinson (as Michaela Coel)
An illustrated image of Boxer Nicola Adams

‘The Talk’ Learning Resource has been created to support learning around racial literacy across all key stages, with a particular focus on Key Stages 2 – 4. We encourage teachers and practitioners to work with and use the resource materials in a way that is appropriate for your learning environment and the age of the children and young people you’re working with.

TTLR is intended to stimulate discussion, education and conversation into the reality of some aspects of life lived while Black in the UK, in the hope that barriers will be removed and equality and equity of opportunity and access will increase.

An illustrated image of Footballer Marcus Rashford
An illustrated image of Musician Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. (aka Stormzy)
An Illustration of Police Officer Sislin Fay Allen

'The Talk' Learning Resource Contains:

Teachers Information Booklet - a downloadable, printable document with additional information and suggestions of ways to engage and use the resource materials below, as well as offering links to further study and resources

Flash Cards - 20 cards containing a summary of key moments across the lives of 20 people

Trivia Cards - 20 cards, each with questions about the 20 people included in the flash cards

Biography Profiles - 20 pages, each showing a biography of one of the 20 people's professional life and achievements

Short Films - 4 films, created to offer an alternative learning experience that details the lives and lived experiences of Alice Dearing, Professor Nira Chamberlain OBE, Lilian Bader and Professor Sir Godfrey H.O. Palmer OBE

Download your colour or black and white resource pack by clicking 'Download' below and scroll to the end of the article for the 4 accompanying short films.
If you experience any barriers to you accessing these resource materials please do get in touch.

'The Talk' Learning Materials has been printed by environmentally friendly, Liverpool based printers, The Printroom UK.

“This is a very high-quality resource that has been very well thought out, I can see many ways it can be used across the curriculum and enrichment work with a wide age range of children and young people. It will not only upskill teachers but give young people useful access to important information."

Danielle Lewis-Egonu, Executive Head Teacher at The Galaxy Trust

Share Your Thoughts

This is a new resource and we would encourage you to download, try it out and share any feedback regarding your experiences of engaging with ‘The Talk’ Learning Resource within your learning environments. Please share your experiences, including examples and images of work created when working with TTLR, to


We would like to give thanks to everyone who has contributed to the development of ‘The Talk’ Learning Resource and take a moment to acknowledge the time, effort, emotional labour and resource that has gone into the creation of this work.

The Talk Learning Resource - Colour

Flash Cards, Biographies and Trivia Cards - Colour

The Talk Learning Resource - Greyscale/Printer Friendly

Flash Cards, Biographies and Trivia Cards - Greyscale/Printer Friendly

“I like the research and the achievement Geoff [Professor Sir Godfrey H.O. Palmer OBE] made, and I like to see Black history videos of their achievements and education. Lilian Bader sounds very special, being the first Black female to join the army. Black history inspires me to keep learning and understand education.”

Dooyum, aged 11

Short Films

View the 4 accompanying short films below or by visiting our YouTube

Alice Dearing
Dr Nira Chamberlain OBE
Lilian Bader
Professor Sir Geoff Palmer OBE

About the Artist

Marjorie H Morgan