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Home Work

23rd Apr 2020

Our Home Work programme invited artists to apply to create a short piece of artwork in any format, responding to the theme of “care” that could be created and shared from their own home.

Project Details
  • Collectivity

The £300 opportunity was open to artists in any field and ideas were invited in any form from performances to sound pieces, online masterclasses to zines.

Applications were especially welcomed from anyone identifying as disabled, working class, LGBTQ+ or with refugee status – groups who are at the heart of the Heart of Glass programme and who might be disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Over 100 applications were received, and the 51 artists chosen include visual artists, writers, performers and producers from across the city region. You can view the full list of selected artists below.

The work produced will be collated into a “Compendium of Care” which will be shared with communities as a document of the many ways in which we are thinking, enacting and valuing care in this moment and beyond. Projects will be shared and spotlighted by Heart of Glass, partners’ websites and social media channels.

Home Work commissions

Adele Spiers

Adele is a visual and multi-media artist and art psychotherapist. Adele's community arts practice sits in the realm of social change and mental health, having established SOLA ARTS in 2004 supporting refugees and vulnerable people with mental health difficulties and social isolation through the arts, Art Psychotherapy and opportunity. Adele is Managing Director I Senior Art Psychotherapist of SOLA. In her own art practice Adele explores themes such as identity, relationships, and the external and internal world of the human narrative.

Alexis Maxwell

Alexis is part of the Year of the Rat Collective, an up and coming theatre company based in St Helens that tackles the subject of identity through work that is both playful and vulnerable, giving a voice to the often unheard thoughts that rattle around in the back of everyone’s mind.

Andrew PM Hunt

Andrew PM is a musician and sound artist based in Liverpool.

Angelique Ross

Angelique grew up performing and teaching in community circuses throughout rural Western Australia. Now based in Belfast, when she’s not being stood on and thrown about by Tumble Circus, she can be found touring her solo show SPIT.

Ania Bas

Ania Bas is an artist, writer and arts project programmer who works across text, performance, publishing and social engagement.

Beth Mountain

Beth is a theatre maker and live artist, currently in my final year of the BA Theatre and Performance course at the University Centre St Helens.

Bradley Roach

As both a performer and creator, I create performances that tackles existentialism, loneliness and failure and presents this in a surrealist fashion.

Cath Garvey

Cath Garvey is a freelance illustrator and animator based in Liverpool, she studied at Plymouth University where she focused on comics and animation.

Chloe Myndiuk

Chloe Myndiuk uses people. She uses her Nan and the things they do together to make art.

Cina Aissa

Cina Aissa is a multidisciplinary artist-educator who lives and works in London. She is passionate about inclusion and is an activist in the fields of mental health, race equality and workers rights.

Claire Eddleston

Claire is a self made artist and works creatively using art in mental health, as a form of recovery, inspiration and as a sensory process.

Claire Bigley

I am a Creative Producer and Arts Consultant working with companies and bringing artists, venues and people together to develop their practice and experience.

Daisy James

Daisy is a design researcher, collaborative thinker and visual storyteller working across a range of projects including, graphics, installation, publication and public art.

Emma Winder

Emma has spent 20 years avoiding traditional art forms, instead focusing on conceptual messages and visuals that engage public interaction.

Emma Colbert

Emma is a multi-disciplinary queer artist based in Lancashire with a studio at Prism Contemporary in Blackburn.

Emma Long

Emma is a community/participatory artist, has worked in a variety of educational and community settings, and built up a level of expertise in inter-generational art over 12 years. Since then she has been on an inspiring journey - researching theory and developing as a a socially engaged practitioner.

Frances Disley

Frances is a visual artist based in Liverpool but originally from Warrington whose work spans lots of different media including painting, choreography, sound work, video and horticulture and everything in between.

Grace Collins

Grace is an artist who enjoys making things with other people, talking about care and imagining possibilities for living more magically.

Heather Marshall

Heather is a queer, disabled, working class socio political artist and writer. She often works under the name Creative Electric where she creates theatre and live art for people that may not traditionally engage in the arts due to social or financial barriers.

Imaginarium Theatre

Imaginarium Theatre is a theatre community arts organisation based in Prescot, Knowsley.

James Ashe

James is an artist based in Belfast, that works within the themes of LGBT rights, abortion rights, architecture, and legacy of the Troubles in their generation.

Jemma O’Brien

Jemma is a visual anthropologist/filmmaker who has been working with older community groups for 4 years now, both on an individual project basis and as a socially engaged practitioner with Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool with Northwoods Community Group in Kirkby.

Jessie McLaughlin

Jessie McLaughlin is an amateur artist/ dancer/boxer/ footballer. They work from a queer, brown (sometimes sad) perspective, foregrounding emotional experiences and proposing these as valid methods of artistic research.

Josh Coates

Josh Coates is a theatre maker based in Manchester, England. He creates collaboratively with the Royal Exchange Hodgkiss Award winning theatre company Powder Keg.

Kate Bufton

Kate Bufton creates intricate and fragile paper sculptures from pages of timeworn books. Delicately assembled paper vessels enhance the books’ original beauty, whilst absent words – either stained or removed – highlight the damaging consequences of removing public libraries from our communities.

Kelly Green

I am a queer, working-class single mum, artist and academic. My practice is autobiographical and explores the intersections between class, gender and sexuality.

Kevin Hunt

Kevin Hunt (b. 1983) is an artist living and working in Liverpool and a lecturer at Manchester School of Art.

Lady Kitt

Dan Russell (b. Birkenhead, 1985) is an artist who does stuff with people. He doesn’t have a specific medium but has worked on projects that span visual and performance art, architecture, graphic design, self-publishing, writing, illustration, music, education and artist development. His favoured approach to working is in an open, process-led and longer-term way. His favourite topics are bringing people together, developing ideas together and dealing with the future. He is in charge of artist development at the NewBridge Project. Lady Kitt is a socially engaged maker, researcher and drag king. My practice is driven by an insatiable curiosity about the social functions of the stuff that gets called art.

Laura Spark

Laura Spark is a Scottish visual artist working in stop motion animation, film and performance.

Laura Frood

Laura Kate Chapman

Laura has been running a freelance illustration business- Laura-Kate Draws since 2009.

Liam Jones

Liam Jones a carer who also works on self-initiated photographic projects and commissions.

Lizz Brady

Lizz runs Broken Grey Wires, which is an organisation responding to, and exploring mental health through art.

Louise Nulty

Louise has been the manager of The Studio Widnes, a community arts venue, for 8 years and also has 25 years experience as an actor.

Lucy Fiori

Lucy is a working class, single mum and Liverpool based Drama Practitioner with other 15 years experience of working with all demographics of the community.

Madeline Hall

Madeline Hall is a multidisciplinary artist and music producer performing under the moniker M T Hall.

Magdelen Bartlett

Magdelen trained at De Montfort University, in drama and dance and has extensive experience developing projects within performing arts, providing consultations and training.

Marjorie H Morgan

Marjorie H Morgan is an award-winning playwright, director and producer based in Liverpool. Her works explore the theme of ‘Home,’ in particular historic and contemporary migration stories, giving voice to those marginalised in British society.

Michelle Richards

Michelle is a freelance creative arts therapist who designs and delivers community art projects for The Art Clinic Liverpool which focus on well-being, particularly emotional well-being and mental health.

Nicki McCubbing

Nicki McCubbing is an artist based in Liverpool who has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally. She mainly appropriates every day objects to create sculpture and installation.

Nina Edge

Nina Edge trained as a ceramicist becoming known for subversion of materials and visual language.

Paul Robert Mullen

Paul Robert Mullen is a poet, musician, lecturer, radio presenter, traveller and sociable loner from Southport, near Liverpool, U.K.

Pierce Starre

Pierce Starre (b.1984 Liverpool) is a UK based artist with a practice situated in performance. Pierce situates his personal experiences within a broader social and political context.

Rebecca Ainsworth

Rebecca is a St Helens based artist & facilitator working with artists and communities in & around the North-West.

Rudy Loewe

Rudy is a black, trans visual artist using drawing, painting, printmaking and self-publishing to engage in conversations about sociopolitical themes and histories.

Shonagh Short

Shonagh is a social practice artist based in Greater Manchester and making participatory, playful work that uses language in its widest sense, including metaphor and everyday visual language, as a lens to explore class, gender and society.

Stephanie Fry

Stephanie’s work focuses on traditional techniques blending painting, collage and illustration together with an interest in audio and film to create works dealing with the themes of place, history, storytelling and wellbeing.

Susanne Bosch

Berlin based artist / interface activist Susanne Bosch works internationally in public art projects asking questions about long-term issues and building creative arguments around the ideas of democracy and sustainable futures.

Tammy Reynolds

Tammy Reynolds refuses to write in third person. I go on a stage and sing/dance/speak/scream/shout/eat my trauma. I sometimes make money from it. I’m sometimes Midgitte Bardot. I sometimes wear clothes. I’m always disabled. I’m always a dwarf.

Tony Mallon

Tony is a Liverpool born and based photographic artist, who was brought up in Kirkby, Merseyside.

Virgil B/G Taylor

Virgil B/G Taylor makes and lives in Bremen, London or New York City. His tips are somewhere between history, lead or language.

Lead graphic by Cultivate Creative. Artist photos by various photographers, including Chris Scott, Lo River Lööf, Ashely Carr, Marcin Sz.

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