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A Care Compendium: Chapter Two

30th Jun 2020
Long Read

In this second chapter, ten more of our Home Work commissioned artists explore their immediate surroundings during lockdown and moments of connection with the outside world.

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This week: Rebecca Ainsworth, Ania Bas, Susanne Bosch, Jemma O'Brien, Josh Coates, Nina Edge, Daisy James, Andrew PM Hunt, Louise Nulty, and Pierce Starre

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Tuning Cycles

by Andrew PM Hunt

"Over the last 2 months or so whilst we've been on lockdown, i’ve found myself more acutely aware of the sounds around me in our big shared house. Of all of these domestic sounds, from tickling clocks to tapping keyboards the one sound which has stood out the most is that of our washing machine, which seems to be constantly on... It emits a slow churning whine as it slumps through its cycle and while I sit there drinking my morning coffee, I find myself latching onto its unlikely musicality and sort of tuning myself to it..."


Tuning Cycles


by Ania Bas

Reasons, 2020, 2 digital posters, design by Rose Nordin. This project also received support from New Art West Midlands.

gracy's garden

by Jemma O'Brien


by Pierce Starre

A man wearing a black ribbed knitted hat and black rimmed glasses is photographed from behind looking out of a window. Through the window are trees and it looks like a bright but slightly cloudy day.

An online live performance art work that took time to acknowledge and reflect upon the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Since November 2019, millions of people all around the world have been affected by Covid-19 and hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost. Governments have taken unprecedented steps to reduce the spread of the virus. including; strict social distancing measures and enforced lockdowns.

The devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has left people around the work with collective experiences of loss, trauma and grief.

Reflection was a 9 hour durational work that took place over social media. It took time to consider the many lives that have been lost and the many lives that have been affected by Covid-19. It took time for introspection and time to consider how one might be able to support other in this difficult period in human history.

The nature of Self Care

by Rebecca Ainsworth

During lockdown, I have made a conscious effort of self-care. This has entailed re-connecting with nature and paying attention to the sounds and rhythms. During this time I have also been learning an instrument that I have wanted to learn for many years. The music is an improvised piece created when observing the movement of the sky. I have combined these moments of self-care and hope that it may bring a moment of self-care to others. (Headphones recommended)

to do list

by Daisy James

To reflect on how we can take care of ourselves and others whilst confined to our homes, I have composed a to-do list. In developing this piece, I have consulted with friends, family and neighbours, to question how we can relax and make the most out of the space that we have around us. The result is a collection of ideas that celebrate ways of being and feeling at home.


To Do List

ECOLOGY OF CARE How to care for myself when exposing myself to media news? An artistic exploration

by Susanne Bosch

A short declaration of self-care contains 17 practical recommendations of self-care responding to the question of “How to care for myself when exposing myself to media news?”. It claims that current public media news is archaic and pretends to deliver information in a non-innovative form. We bring into question the general (mis) connection that bad news entertainment is the only way to be well informed about what is going on in the world around us. We all dare to know about the others. We wish information to bring us closer together, not to re-traumatize us emotionally and physically. We wish to bridge ignorance into compassion as well as be exposed to co-intelligent solutions to problems.


A Short Declaration of Self Care


Ecology of Care - findings

This is Where We Live: Withington

by Josh Coates

A monotone Birds Eye view of suburbs with white, italic, serif text reading: 'This is Withington, Manchester. Over the past few weeks I've asked my neighbours and friends who live in the area to think about care and what words or actions they'd offer. Some took photos, some created virtual banners and one person picked up a glove and threw it in a bin. This is a collection of these thoughts. A collection to remind us of what we're going through, of how we're feeling now'.

This is Where We Live: Withington, by Josh Coates

Give Way

by Nina Edge

Photograph of a Give Way sign that has been bent backwards at the corner. There is a small sticker of a target at the bottom.

Give Way by Nina Edge

Signing Off But Tuning In

by Louise Nulty