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With For About

4th Dec 2015 17th Jun 2020
Project Details
  • Collectivity


A different kind of conference. Each year we invite colleagues and comrades from the UK and beyond to the town of St Helens to discuss, the role of art in the modern world.

  • What is the role of art and artists in civil society?
  • What are the fierce and urgent questions facing collaborative and social art today?
  • What is the potential of collaborative art, with and within community and social contexts?

With For About is a moment for public critical reflection and a chance to explore some of the tensions and challenges in our work and in this field of practice.

Read about previous conferences below:


With For About 2020

A slow conference for a fast evolving crisis, With For About 2020 responded to the additional challenges that Covid-19 creates for many marginalised people and communities. Heart of Glass’ 5th annual conference, it was curated by Cecilia Wee and the vacuum cleaner.

Visit the website
to watch a series of discussions from the event.


With For About: Art & Democracy

The fourth annual With For About conference was held on 23rd May 2019 and asked:

"Is art, and the making of art, the last frontier in the fight for democracy and the realisation of civil society?"


With for About: Making a Meal of It

In April 2019, over 120 participants were invited to collectively produce a dinner course, present it in a meaningful way; document the process and the event; contribute to discussion; submit a page for publication.

Facilitated by artists Joshua Sofaer, idle women, Claire Weetman, Chrissie Tiller, Mark Storor, Eggs Collective, Cathy Cross and Heather Morison, this was a special edition of our With For About conference series. This event was the fifth Staging Post of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) - an ambitious transnational cultural programme focusing on the dynamic area of collaborative arts across Europe.


With for About: Art, Activism & Community

In May 2017 we partnered with Axisweb, idle women and Chrissie Tiller to host the second iteration of the conference With For About.


With for About

For our first With For About, 73 artists, producers, caretakers, educators, participants and commissioners gathered to talk and share ideas in St Helens Town Hall. The event aimed to create a space to explore validation, working in context, public art and publics and approaches to professional development.