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Susanne Bosch

For Susanne, art is a practice for entering into dialogue about social, political, and historical events, as well as an interface where, through/with aesthetic forms, a different way of dealing with given conditions can be tested.

As an "interface activist" Susanne has been working in the field of system transformation for a long time, in changing teams with diverse talents as well as in specific contexts. A fluid re-acting and responding attitude characterizes Susanne's work.

This includes work on social visions and models of participation (including Cities Exhibition, Birzeit University Museum, Palestine 2012-13; This is Tomorrow, Osnabrück, 2015; Subcontracted Nations, Qattan Foundation, Palestine 2018, and Solidarity Crunch Zones, Villa Massimo, Rome, 2020-21), money (including Left-Over-Penny Campain, Germany, 1998-2002; Naples, Italy, 2008-2009; Madrid, 2010-2011, Liechtenstein, 2017, among others) and migration (including the border, 2020 Berlin; Cartographies (in) a Landscape, 2020 DA Gravenhorst; The Prehistory of Crisis II, Belfast and Dublin, 2009).

Image Credit: U. Zimmermann, 2020