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Taey Iohe

Taey Iohe is a transdisciplinary artist and writer whose work spans across diverse media, including text, moving image, social practice and assemblage through an Asian crip queer feminist lens. Their practice fuses research-based works with personal narratives that challenge historical and personal entanglements in ecology, reproduction and climate justice.

Taey is a co-founder of the Decolonising Botany Working Group and has presented a performance, A Refusing Oasis at Documenta 15 (2022). Taey is also an instigator of the Care for Collective Curatorial, which engages with decolonial curricula of learning art-making through a playful and collective approach.

Taey holds a PhD in the programme of Gender, Identity and Culture, funded by Writing on Borders, at University College Dublin. They were also a Constellations Cohort, a public art practitioners development programme at Up Project in partnership with Liverpool Biennial and Flat Time House (2022). Currently, Taey is a working member of the Feminist Duration Reading Group and a resident at Somerset House supported by an exchange bursary programme.