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The Suicide Chronicles: Conversations

29th Aug 2022

How we might collectively create a language to share our experiences of suicide?

Project Details
  • Care
Creative Team
  • Presenter: Angela Samata
  • Guest: Mark Storor
  • Guest: Lisa Vint
  • Guest: Joanne Lyne
  • Guest: Pete Johnson
  • Producer: Natalie Hughes
  • Audio Production: George Maund
  • Music: Andrew PM Hunt

Welcome to this series of conversations with the people behind the creation of The Suicide Chronicles.

The Suicide Chronicles is a long term artistic project led by Mark Storor, exploring how we might collectively create a language to share our experiences of suicide. Each chronicle focuses on one individual story or one particular aspect of suicide, and the project asks: What's important? How are we responsible for each other? What kind of world do we want to live in and how do we want to hold each other within it?

Each Chronicle takes a unique form, whether film, performance or installation, and have been made public through intimate in-person sharings in community cinemas, disused shops and moonlit woodlands. We have recorded a series of conversations with the people who have made The Suicide Chronicles as a way to share the project beyond these public moments and to provide a window into the discussions and experiences of the collaborative team who make the work.

These conversations are hosted by Angela Samata and create a space for reflecting upon the processes and journeys behind the Chronicles.

Angela and Mark  on set for Chronicle One.

Conversation One: Angela and Mark

Angela meets with Mark to discuss how this project first began and how it continues to evolve.


Conversation One: Transcript

Lisa during her performance. Sat with her back to us on a mount of soil pouring red wine over herself
Lisa during her performance. Wearing a black tutu she hangs from an aerial hoop.

Conversation Two: Lisa and Jo

Angela meets with Jo Lyne and Lisa Vint to reflect upon the creation of Chronicle One: Grief. This conversation remembers the processes behind the making of this film, their bravery, raw honesty and forging new friendships.


Conversation Two: Transcript

Pete on the Full of Grace set. To the right the stage crew position lighting equipment around Pete.

Conversation Three: Pete

Angela meets up with Pete Johnson to speak about the making of Suicide Chronicle Three: Full Of Grace; a film about Pete's lifelong search for an authentic way to express the grief felt for his mum who died by suicide when he was just a baby. Pete and Angela also talk about how they became friends and how this friendship led Pete to working with Mark Storor.


Conversation Three: Transcript