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Heart of the Moss

1st Jun 30th Sep 2023

Artist duo Juneau Projects worked with local people to develop a project with, for and about a special green space in St Helens called The Moss.

Project Details
  • Families,
  • Place
Creative Team
  • Heart of Glass Producer: Rhyannon
  • Artists: Juneau Projects
  • Collaborators: Arabella, Amelia, Antony, Bella, Carolyn, Charlotte, Den, Emily, Esmeralda, Gary, Grace, Hayley, Henry, Jasmine, Jensen, Joanne, Katie, Landon, Lynn, Maddy, Marcie, Nevaeh, Paula, PCSO Emily, PCSO Nadine, Pixie-Lou, Rachael
  • Bold Forest Park Project Manager, The Mersey Forest: Dave
  • Green Task Force Veteran Ranger: Cara
  • Green Task Force Veteran Ranger: Mark
  • The Moss Fairies: Jackie, Sam and Sue

Colliers Moss North is a green space, full of plants and wildlife that sits at the heart of Parr, Sutton, Bold and Burtonwood in St Helens. It includes Colliers Moss North and Colliers Moss South and is known locally as "The Moss".

Artist duo Juneau Projects worked with local residents who live around The Moss to develop a project for this special green space.

Together we researched wildlife, walked on the moss with The Moss Fairies, and explored Colliers Moss North with Dave the Ranger from The Mersey Forest and Carla and Mark from the Green Task Force Veteran Rangers. We spotted animals and planned and designed activities to do on the Moss to share with the local community and all those who visit the Moss.

We also ran a series of creative workshops for local families to work with Juneau Projects to make wildlife and landscape illustrations using paint, drawing, photography, and paper-cutting, and shared their stories and memories of the Moss, which is one of the important peatlands in England.

The project has resulted in "A Spotters Guide and Activity Book" created by local communities, Juneau Projects and Heart of Glass, in partnership with The Mersey Forest and the Green Task Force Veteran Rangers.


Download Heart of the Moss PDF

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