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World of Work

1st Jan 2019 1st May 2020

World of Work is a new cooperative board game developed by artist Michelle Browne in collaboration with students from St Helens College.

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In 2019, we invited Michelle to join us for a research residency exploring the future world of work in St Helens, and towns like it.

The result of her research and collaborations is World of Work.

A collaborative board game, players work together to deal with external forces, tech innovations and societal changes that assist or reduce job creation in a town like St Helens.

The aim of the game is to gather a number of social benefits such as housing, sustainable environment and basic income, that will improve the lives of those who live in the town.

Photos by Frank Abruzzese

Counters for a board game: a collection of coloured triangles. On each triangle a different job is written: Doctor; Special Educational Needs Assistant; Pension Administrator etc.
A hand hold a small white card with lines on it. In black and orange text the card reads 'The government decides to change the laws about who can do care work - lower employment for Orange Care Worker'.
A board game is set up on a wooden table. Colourful triangular counters are set up on the board, black counters on the table around it and black and white cards.

World of Work looks at the fundamental inequalities and global impacts that have contributed to St Helens having such large-scale unemployment and worklessness. World of Work will offer the space to think strategically about the future of the town.

World of Work builds on Michelle's Pilkingtons project Now Thus Now Thus.

Michelle Browne

Michelle is an artist and curator based in Dublin.