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Simon Mckeown and Buzzhub St Helens CDP

1st Jul 8th Dec 2018
Project Details
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Simon Mckeown is an award winning internationally exhibiting artist renowned for his work which touches on and considers disability as well as our digital futures.

In collaboration with Buzzhub St Helens CDP, Simon will lead new art project celebrating St Helens as a location for invention and innovation, exploring St Helens and its people as a creative force.

In a busy room a person wearing a cap and t-shirt sits at a table. On the table is multiple colours of paint enclosed between clear plastic. The person is rubbing the paint around underneath the clear plastic, mixing the colours together.
Two people are drawing on a white surface with purple and blue chalk pastels.
A person with short, light hair, wearing a white shirt stands holding a piece of clear plastic with a drawing of a building in black marker up in the air. You can see an overhead projector in the bottom corner.
All Image Credits: Stephen King

As part of this co-production programme, Mckeown is leading on number of workshops over 2018 in the lead up to the mass outdoor video projection, which will take place on Saturday 8th December 2018.