16 On Now

Queer Company

29th Feb 2020

We’re working with Queer Artist Amy Pennington to bring together a new group of young people living in St Helens who identify as LGBTQ+/ LGBTQ+ curious/ an ally to work on a new arts project.

Project Details
Creative Team
  • Artist: Amy Pennington
  • Producer: Kate Houlton
  • Culture Hubs Producer: Thomas Dukes
  • Film maker: Sophie Mallet
  • :

Through conversations and creative workshops Amy will work with young people to compare and contrast Amy’s experiences growing up queer in a small town in the 90s with young people’s experiences of growing up and living in St Helens:

What are the differences?
What has stayed the same?

This collaboration will culminate in two new artworks which will take the form of a piece of writing and an accompanying film work.