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4:3 - a film work in development by Ames Pennington

1st Feb 1st Dec 2020

Through 4:3, Ames explores re-performance as a form of remembering TV’s naff, but precious moments.

Event Details
  • Film screening,
  • Care,
  • Collectivity,
Creative Team
  • Artist: Ames Pennington
  • 4:3 Film Maker: Sophie Mallet
  • Producer: Kate Houlton
  • Culture Hubs Producer: Thomas Dukes
  • Assistant Producer: Natalie Hughes

As part of Queer Company, we were delighted to support Ames to continue to develop their video work 4:3.

This short film explores Ames' experiences of growing up queer in the 1990s, under Section 28* and in a small, Northern town (very similar to St Helens); with nowhere to go apart from television.

From Willow and Tara in Buffy to Ellen (coming out) on Oprah, TV’s few queer characters were sought out by a young Ames - to be watched and studied.

"Did I fancy them or did I just want to be them? Like Lacan’s mirror stage, where children look for their likeness in things, but the mirror and stage have gone a bit bent. "

4:3 premiered at Homotopia Festival in 2020 and became and important focal point for conversations with members of the LGBTQIA+ community exploring connection, identity, representation and celebrating queer icons of past and present, inspiring Ames to create a new artwork called QUEER TREATMENT.

*Section 28 instated in 1988 declared that a local authority "shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality" meaning that homosexuality could not be taught in mainstream education.

Artist Amy Pennington wears a short, black wig and a blue shirt and is facing a person with short dark hair mid conversation.
Artist Amy Pennington wears a black shoulder length wig and a white short sleeved top and is driving a car.
Artist Amy Pennington wears a blonde should length wig and stands with her eyes closed next to some fairy lights.

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