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Chronicle Three: Full of Grace

1st Jan 2021

Full of Grace was been made by Pete Johnson with Mark Storor and a group of artists who have come together, each bringing their expertise and own experiences, to tell this story.

Project Details
Creative Team
  • Artist: Mark Storor
  • Collaborator: Pete Johnson
  • Photography: Stephen King
  • Film: Chris Keenan
  • Animation: Babis Alexiadis
  • Sound Technician: Richard Gott
  • Counterbalance: Jake Gresham
  • Lighting: Ceri James
  • Costume: Tadashi Kato
  • Rigger: Jamie Ogilvie
  • Lighting Technician: Jamie Rollinson
  • Aerial Performance: Chris Willoughby

Through this Chronicle Pete shares his personal story of searching for the mother he lost to suicide when just a baby. His search led him to his father and to his own family. It is a hymn to love.

In November 2021 Pete performed an aspect of his experience to a small invited audience, it was a moving, intimate, and deeply personal sharing.

The film Full of Grace allows us to share this moment with others. It acknowledges that the journey following bereavement by suicide is an ongoing one which can throw into question how to be in the world, as different layers of grief unfold alongside the glimmers of light that can break through, carrying with them rays of hope, of fortitude and of love.

Single-channel digital video installation with sound, animation, digital photographic prints.

Part of The Suicide Chronicles, a collaborative artistic project led by Mark Storor working with communities impacted by suicide, aiming to collectively find a language to articulate and explore the complex, layered experience of suicide.

For more information about The Suicide Chronicles please contact

Mark Storor