Sunday 12 November 2017

Simon Mckeown

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Simon Mckeown is an award winning internationally exhibiting artist renowned for his work which touches on and considers disability as well as our digital futures.

He is leading a new art project celebrating St Helens as a location for invention and innovation. This energy is still present today, taking form through artistic and cultural experiments, making St Helens a fertile ground for community and collaborative based arts practices.

To cement this status, Ignite St Helens, a new commission led by Artist Simon Mckeown, will work with the local community and in particular, disabled artists, to create a series of works which will not only reflect on 150 years of the town’s history but also project into the future, exploring St Helens and its people as a creative force.

Mckeown will develop, through a co-production programme, a number of events leading up to a mass outdoor video projection.

Working throughout 2017, and culminating in 2018, this bombastic artistic endeavour; including massive video projection, will temporarily manipulate the townscape, blurring reality and space and presenting new and alternative realities for our consideration.