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Young Hearts Resources

28th Mar 2022

A series of creative tools to understand the challenges faced by young working class women accessing creative and cultural opportunities.

Resource Details
Creative Team
  • Artist and facilitator: Fox Irving
  • Poet and participant: Adiam SGS
  • Poet and participant: Amina Atiq
  • Poet and participant: Jasmine Shigemura Lee
  • Poet and participant: Kyra Cross
  • Poet and participant: Maria Paul
  • Writer and Participant: Marjorie H Morgan
  • Writer/Performer and Participant: Cath Hoffmann
  • Writer/Performer and Participant: Charlotte Cooper
  • Theatre Producer and Participant: Siobhan Noble

Listen to two recorded conversations where women artists share their individual journeys into the arts and discuss issues such as lack of provision and imposter syndrome. Contains swearing, humour and honest reflections.

Posters containing quotes from the conversations between Fox and the project's participants
Limited edition artworks created by Fox in collaboration with those they had conversations with.

“Because life just throws like loads of lemons at us, we just kind of like making loads of lemonade.” Amina Atiq

Young Hearts Resource One

In this conversation Fox, Amina, Kyra, Maria, Adiam and Jasmine speak about their engagement with the arts and how they came to access these opportunities. They also reflect upon the difficulties many young women face when accessing the arts, whether as an audience member or as an aspiring practitioner.

Young Hearts Resource Two

In this conversation Fox, Charlotte, Marjorie, Cath, Siobhan and Kyra remember the people, spaces and events that were important to both their personal development and artistic careers. They also discuss our contemporary situation in relation to their own experiences and wonder if the internet despite its obvious ills has had a somewhat democratising effect in terms of opportunity and access to information.

‘There should be a space for all of us, or none of us win.’ Charlotte Cooper

Reflections and writings

Katie Beswick, author and academic and Holly Maples, academic and theatre director were invited to each write a thought piece reflecting upon the themes discussed within the Young Hearts Resources in the wider context of young women, gender inequality and the arts.

Huge thanks to Fox, Amina, Charlotte, Kyra, Cath, Marjorie, Siobhan, Maria, Adiam, Jasmine for their openness and honesty and for sharing their experiences with us as part of this work.

If you are interested in learning more about this work, please visit the interactive Women Working Class Resource website.

The Young Hearts Resources form part of the Young Hearts Programme, commissioned by Heart of Glass and funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

In addition to the two recorded conversations, lead artist and facilitator Fox Irving has created a series of limited edition Risograph printed artworks inspired by the group discussions. If you would like to receive these artworks please email