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1st Jan 2020 1st Sep 2021

A new zine for young women, by young women.

Project Details
  • Young People,
  • Care
Creative Team
  • Artist: Kate Hodgson
  • Artist Mentor: Deirdre Nelson
  • Producer: Kate Houlton

PARRTY focusses on amplifying the voices, views and interests of young women.

St Helens based artist, Kate Hodgson is developing a new project that will take the form of a series of zines* celebrating the young women of St. Helens and more specifically those living in and around Parr. The project will focus on amplifying the voices, views and interests of young women and will include everything from fashion to food, history to the future and anything else the young women are keen to explore!

The zine is a collaborative and interactive project and we would love to work with as many young women aged between 12 - 19 years, living in and around Parr as possible.

What do you want to see in a zine?
What stories do you want to tell and want to read/see?
How do you and your friends like to spend your time?
What would the future of Parr and St Helens look like if designed by you (young women) and your friends?

The zine will be available in two formats - printed physical copies can be posted out and an online version of the zine will be available on the Heart of Glass website. The first edition of PARRTY Zine will be available soon

For more information about the project including how to get your copy of the first edition and to find out how you can contribute to future editions please email parrty@heartofglass.org.uk or call/text us on 07821 804 711.

*A zine is a DIY (Do it yourself) / Self Published magazine


The first edition of PARRTY Zine will be available soon.

This project has been developed in partnership with Craftspace (craftspace.co.uk) for the national touring exhibition We are Commoners launching on 26.03.21 at Oriel Davies Gallery. Featuring UK and international artists, the projects exhibited represent ideas and resources to inspire ‘acts of commoning’. A shift in approach from ‘you’re on your own’ to ‘we’re in this together’. Actions of claiming, healing and co-operating can enable communities to thrive. For more information and where to see the exhibition visit: craftspace.co.uk/commoners

Craftspace is a charity creating opportunities to see, make and be curious about exceptional contemporary craft. For more information please follow the link below.

Kate Hodgson

Deirdre Nelson