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Conversations Over A Brew: Season 1, Episode 3

15th Dec 2020

In this chat (recorded over a brew), artists Claire Weetman and Sheila Ghelani, both long term Heart of Glass collaborators, explore what it means to be an artist working in a community setting

Claire Weetman is a founding steering group member of Heart of Glass, and has been with us since the very beginning. Currently she is working with us on a project with refugee and asylum seeking women. Sheila is a frequent collaborator and all round good egg, she has been working with us on a project with young people from St Helens Carers Centre.

In their warm conversation the artists explore the parallels between their work and, what it means to be an artist working in a community setting. They talk about, the challenges and setbacks of working through a pandemic and whether art and its ‘weird magic’ can or should change the world.

Before they chatted, Sheila and Claire mailed out packages to each other. Both artists had used care packages as a way to connect with the groups during the pandemic (scroll down to read more). We listen as they unwrap their packages and talk about the objects inside - how they chose them, their symbolism and meaning and their hopes for how they might offer a moment of care and reflection to the individuals who received them.


Episode transcript

Sheila Ghelani

Claire Weetman

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