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Conversations Over A Brew: Season 2, Episode 2

27th Oct 2021

This episode, Kerry Morrison and Grace Collins chat about their experience of The Faculty North.

For the second episode in our new series of Conversations Over A Brew, we hear from Grace Collins and Kerry Morrison.

Grace and Kerry first met during The Faculty North, an artist development programme produced by Heart of Glass and In-Situ. Grace was a participant on TFN programme, and Kerry was a facilitator.

In this conversation, the pair muse over the difficulties of developing and exploring social arts practice in socially distanced times.

Grace is an artist and writer who researches how people work together. They’re currently a member of School of the Damned, Coordinator of Short Supply, Associate to With-You and Writer in Residence at Heart of Glass.

Kerry is an social-environmental artist and one of the founding members of In Situ, an embedded arts organisation in Pendle, Lancashire.

TFN took place during the first half of 2021, and provided 35 people with the opportunity to explore their ideas and discuss experience in a collaborative setting. Considering the political, the social, the economic and the environmental with a care-full approach, this programme employed arts-based methods of learning and exploration.

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting communities of learning within socially engaged art, we have made recordings of TFN’s panel discussions available to watch here. These recordings form part of a TFN resource pack which also includes reading lists, this podcast episode, and reflective piece written by Grace.


Episode transcript

Grace Collins

Kerry Morrison