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7th Jan 31st Aug 2019

In 2019 artist Phoebe Davies joined us as artist in residence at Wildcard Amateur Boxing Club. Alongside Aimee Harrison (former Heart of Glass Producer), Joseph Bond (artist and sound designer) and Rose Nordin (graphic designer), Phoebe worked with the club’s young boxers to develop a series of new print and sound works.

Project Details
  • Young People,
  • Care
Creative Team
  • Artist: Phoebe Davies
  • Producer: Aimee Harrison
  • Artist & Sound Designer: Joseph Bond
  • Graphic Designer: Rose Nordin
  • Contributor: Dom Hodnett
  • Contributor: Ste Cox
  • Contributor: Matt Grayson
  • Contributor: Wildcard A.B.C coaches and staff
  • Contributor: Wildcard A.B.C youth boxers

Speed balls, battle ropes and ring side drills

Wildcard A.B.C is situated in Parr Sports and Community Centre, St Helens. Established in 2009, they provide boxing and fitness classes for every level, from novice to champion. They are a grass roots community club with the aim of enhancing and improving their community’s health, well-being, attainment and aspiration.

During 2019, Phoebe facilitated workshops, interviews, site-specific photoshoots and field recording sessions held during boxing classes and local bouts.

Phoebe worked alongside young boxers to develop the following artworks:


Left Hook - Right Hook

An artist print including two photo books and two zines, using visual imagery documented on site, DIY publishing and script writing to explore physicality, identity, competitiveness and mental health in the boxing club.


Post Bout

A series of limited edition portrait photographs taken ringside, post bout.

You can view a selection of these images by scrolling through the gallery below.


Wildcard A.B.C Sample Pack

A library of sounds recorded in the boxing gym during training sessions, sparing and local bouts. The sample pack consists of a collection of loops and one-shots designed to be used as building blocks for sound work and music in the boxing gym’s future creative productions.


Switching Stance

A soundwave from the website Soundcloud showing the title 'Switching Stance' with an image of a young woman wearing boxing gloves.

Switching Stance is a mix of the beats and soundscapes composed by the young boxers, using a variety of samples including; motivational vocals from the Wildcard coaches, speed balls, battle ropes and ring side drills. This mix maps the young boxers’ anxieties, adrenaline and exhaustion during training sessions and pre and post bouts.

Switching Stance features contributions from Sam, Lucy, Ellie K, Kelsey, Storm, Frazer, Ciara, Leah, Joseph, Phoebe and Aimee.


Training Portraits

Scroll through to see a selection of the training portraits taken throughout the residency.

Inspired by her work with Wildcard A.B.C, Phoebe is currently in the process of researching new video work with boxers and coaches, which she hopes to develop over the next few years.

Phoebe Davies

Special Thanks

This project would not have been possible without the support of Dom Hodnett, Ste Cox, Joanne Abbott, Jackie Allen, Mike Gill, Wayne Phillips, Gary Talbott, Carl Roby, Danny Haury, Ant Porter, Jill May, Hannah Palfrey, Linsey Porter, Steph Crilly, Yvonne Abbott and Matt Grayson.