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Parr Women's Collective and Kate Hodgson

1st May 30th Jun 2018
Project Details
  • Collectivity

Liverpool/St Helens-based artist Kate Hodgson believes in the power of print to shape, and to shift conversations. As part of Independents Biennial 2018, Kate has been working with a group of women and their children to produce a new print-based creative project.

Over the summer the group have been experimenting with print techniques and exploring the art form’s past, pivotal role as a way to disseminate political messages. With Parr’s Torus Housing, the group have also held a series of sessions with local councillors, touching on equality, democracy and the machinations of local government.

A white room has a table with arts supplies and paper on. The room is full of screen printed posters hanging on the walls and on string.
A table has lots of paper, pens and pencils on it and a laptop showing someone drawing a motorbike. A young person sits at the table and is drawing.
A young person with plaited hair holds a screen printing screen aloft and is surrounded by pots of paint.
All Image Credits: Stephen King

These conversations have fed into the series of printmaking workshops, along with the group’s passion for crafting, to produce a series of posters, t-shirts and totes - keep an eye out for the resulting images on a street near you!

Kate Hodgson