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Under Our Umbrella

1st Mar 31st Mar 2022

Michelle Wren and Young Wonders work together to produce a new mural to transform a local Arriva North West bus.

Project Details
  • Collectivity
Creative Team
  • Artist: Michelle Wren
  • Young Wonders: Cameron, Adelaide, Eli, Seth, Jacob, Alizia, Max, Caitlyn, Ciara
  • Producer: Rhyannon Parry
  • Wonder Arts Community Projects Manager: Danny Woods

Michelle Wren has been working with young people from Wonder Arts (previously Citadel Arts) to produce a mural for a St Helens Arriva North West bus that will travel streets of St Helens.

Working with Michelle, the Young Wonders group have created their own striking artwork through a series of workshops exploring the issues and themes that they feel are important to discuss in society. These workshops provided the young people the opportunity to discuss issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, gender identity and equality, as well as mental health and wellbeing, translating their ideas and concepts into an original piece of collaborative work.

These ideas have also been used to devise a series of monologues which portray the thoughts and feelings that people may have during something as simple as travelling on a bus

Under Our Umbrella is part of a wider series of street art projects. We are also collaborating with members of Buzzhub St Helens CDP, the LGBTQI+ community and artists Emma Colbert (in collaboration with Homotopia), Rudy Loewe, Bea Albanese and Kathryn Edwards, to produce further bus designs as well as a series of onboard advertising panels.

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Michelle Wren