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3 Monday Midnights

22nd Feb 8th Mar 2021
Project Details
  • Collectivity
Creative Team
  • Artist: Jamal Gerald
  • Actor: Cameron Bernard Jones
  • Dramaturge: Maddy Costa
  • Ilustrator: Sumuyya Khader
  • Heart of Glass Producer: Emily Gee

Listen in on 3 Monday Midnights, a new commission by artist Jamal Gerald.

3 Monday Midnights is a three-part series that uses prose and poetry to transport Jamal into a supernatural world where he explores the history of Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the company of a Fallen Angel, a Loa, an Orisha - and a host of legendary musicians.

Part 1

Jamal decides it’s time for Elvis to give up his crown as the King of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll. But is his spell strong enough to change history?

Part 2

It's long been a blues legend that Robert Johnson offered his soul to the Devil at the crossroads. What might Jamal need to give for a guitar lesson with his hero?

Part 3

Jamal asks Esu, the Orisha of the crossroads to invoke Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Godmother of Rock ‘n’ Roll to speak of her place in history after decades of erasure by men.


Download the full 3 Monday Midnights text here:

Jamal Gerald