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The Mic Drop: Season Two

7th Sep 2020 30th Apr 2021

The Mic Drop is a collaborative podcast with the sole purpose of creating a space ‘for migrants by migrants’ exercising agency and exchange through a shared space of collective thinking, storytelling and debate. It is created through a long-term collaboration between members of Many Hands One Heart and Larry Achiampong.

Project Details
  • Podcast,
  • Collectivity
Creative Team
  • Contributor: Ariane
  • Contributor: Shay Thompson
  • Contributor: Sally Hilton
  • Contributor: Kath Charters
  • Interviewer: Mohammed Taher
  • Interviewer and Project Assistant: Arthur Britney Joestar
  • Project Artist and Contributor: Larry Achiampong

Listen to Season Two of The Mic Drop here, and on our Spotify and Anchor pages. Across the episodes, we deal with a range of subject matter from personal experiences relating to art and culture, gaming and community, refugee and asylum seeking experiences and discussions around gender and sexuality.

Season Two Episodes

Welcome back to The Mic Drop! What a different world we find ourselves in for Season Two; no time spent together in recording studios, instead we've been recording all of our episodes remotely using online tools.

Episode One: Ariane

In this episode, we catch up with Ariane, who we met in Season One, about her experience as a nursing student working during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ariane is interviewed by Mohammed Taher.

About Ariane and Mo

Ariane is a nursing student and singer based in Liverpool. Ariane also campaigns on behalf of These Walls Must Fall check out their important work to end the UK's unacceptable detention practices and support them!

Mohammed Taher has been a Community Development Officer working with BAME communities for the last 10 years. He is currently employed by Mersey Care NHS Trust. Mohammad also known as Mo, has mainly been working with people seeking asylum and refugees in Liverpool to support their mental health.

Mo helped to start Many Hands One Heart (MHOH) in 2016 in partnership with Sahir House and Armistead. During the last four years he has worked with MHOH to organise several events for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia and has helped them to develop several projects such as The Mic Drop.


Transcript of The Mic Drop - Season Two, Episode One: Ariane

Episode Two: Gaming Culture

A conversation between games industry presenter Shay Thompson, The Mic Drop superstar Arthur Britney Joestar and artist Larry Achiampong.

In this episode, our presenters discuss all things gaming, from Super Mario to Cyberpunk 2077, and pose the question: how does gaming bring us together? Do we feel community when in game space, and how are we represented within this space?

About Shay

Shay Thompson is a presenter working in the games industry, currently presenting McLaren's Shadowcast, hosting panels and podcasts for BAFTA and previously streaming for Xbox UK. Interests include romancing alien squadmates, spending too much time in the character creator and trying to pet all the cats. Shay is also the founder of Level Up Link Up, an event aiming to make the games industry a more diverse place.


Transcript of The Mic Drop - Season Two, Episode Two: Gaming Culture

Episode Three: Sally

Arthur Britney chats with friend, Many Hands One Heart member and artist, Sally Hilton. Listen in to hear about Sally's artistic practice and the importance of indigenous Mayan culture within this.

About Sally

"Hello, my name is Sally Hilton. I am from Guatemala, Central America. I am an indigenous Mayan woman. I have created my own art brand where I explore dance, painting and modelling. I have participated in various organisations such as Sheba Art and Migrant Support, and have also exhibited work at HOME, Manchester (2020) where I received an acknowledgment for my role in the exhibition. I have been a volunteer and part of the board of directors of Push Festival 2019 in Manchester with the collaboration of the organisation Sheba Art."


Transcript of The Mic Drop - Season Two, Episode Three: Sally

Episode Four: Hyrule Warriors Review

Arthur Britney and Larry talk about their favourite topic - gaming! After many hours of hard gaming work focused on their Nintendo Switch, they completed Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Hear about their journey and what they thought of the game in this episode.


Transcript of The Mic Drop - Season Two, Episode Four: Hyrule Warriors Review

Episode Five: Gender Identity, Part 1

Arthur Britney and Mo are joined by Kath Charters, Wellbeing Practitioner at Sahir House, to discuss gender identity and expression, explore gender justice and rights and unpick common misconceptions and prejudices.

About Kath

Kath is the Wellbeing Practitioner at Sahir House, a charity based in Merseyside that provides support for people living with HIV. Kath is also the facilitator of the Trans Health Merseyside Group, which is for people who identify under the trans umbrella: transgender, non binary, intersex, gender non-conforming or questioning. They provide peer support groups and informative sessions around health and wellbeing.


Transcript of The Mic Drop - Season Two, Episode Five: Gender Identity, Part 1

Episode Six: Gender Identity, Part 2

Arthur Britney, Mo and Kath continue their discussion on gender identity and expression, explore gender justice and rights and unpick common misconceptions and prejudices.


Transcript of The Mic Drop - Season Two, Episode Six: Gender Identity, Part 2

We've loved sharing this season of The Mic Drop with you and it'd be great to hear what you think. You can leave us feedback over on our Anchor page or send us a message here. You can now also subscribe to The Mic Drop over on Spotify.