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The Mic Drop: Season Two

7th Sep 2020 30th Apr 2021

The Mic Drop is a collaborative podcast with the sole purpose of creating a space ‘for migrants by migrants’ exercising agency and exchange through a shared space of collective thinking, storytelling and debate. It is created through a long-term collaboration between members of Many Hands One Heart and Larry Achiampong.

Project Details
  • Podcast,
  • Collectivity

We are releasing Season Two from March 19th 2021 and you can find new episodes every week here or via our Spotify and Anchor pages. Across the episodes Season Two details a range of subject matter from personal experiences relating to art and culture, gaming and community, refugee and asylum seeking experiences and discussions around gender and sexuality.

You can drop into any of these episodes and also check out Season One to meet other members of the Mic Drop team. Keep listening and we'd love to hear your feedback!

Listen to The Mic Drop Season Two here from 19th March

Listen to The Mic Drop Season Two here:

The Mic Drop: Season Two Events