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The Glass Work

13th Jun 2017 7th Jan 2018
Project Details
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The Glass Work is an interactive installation created in collaboration with young people from St Helens which invited people to take a photograph of their surroundings and immediately respond with a soundscape.

The work which reflected collective journeys and encounters was inspired by looking out from the car park above Church Square at the landscape of St Helens.

The installation works by reading the colours in photos people send via Twitter and playing them as sounds and lights on six hand blown glass gongs. The glass elements were designed in collaboration with and blown by glass blowers, Charlie Burke and Amy Skachill-Kelly from The World of Glass in St Helens.

The artwork was hosted at Thatto Heath Crusaders Rugby League Club, The World of Glass museum, Parr Library and Derbyshire Hill Family Centre.

David Boultbee, Lead Artist of BREAD art collective, said: “Encountering something new and unexpected like The Glass Work invites us to pause to explore fresh perspectives on familiar surroundings and how an audience can use technology and social media to contribute to and influence an artwork.”

BREAD art, use light, sound and interactive technologies with a strong social focus to create artworks inspired by spaces and the public realm.

The Glass Work was jointly commissioned by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Heart of Glass and Helena Partnerships.

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