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The Connections Project: You Make Me Feel Good

30th Apr 30th Jun 2021

Artist Lou Chapelle with members from U3A St Helens and residents from Heald Farm Court explored their feelings about human connection during and after a pandemic.

Project Details
  • Collectivity
Creative Team
  • Lead Artist: Lou Chapelle (aka Laurence Payot)
  • Producer: Rhyannon Parry
  • Collaborators: U3A (Hugh, Andrea, Jackie, Peter, Pam) Torus Housing (Nichola Wilkinson and residents from Heald Farm Court)
  • Guest Artists: Laura Spark, Scott Farlow, Gemma Atkinson

A project aiming to give form to our feelings about human connection, something most of us have missed so much during this pandemic. When something so banal – yet so crucial for our happiness and sense of self- is taken away from us, it makes us re-evaluate what’s important for us as individuals but also as a society. Family, friends, work colleagues, members of a group, acquaintances, neighbours and passers-by are all part of a web that defines who we are, and without it we can feel lost and incomplete. So let’s celebrate those amazing feelings, remember happy times and look forward to socialising again.

Through a series of drawing, animation and movement sessions with U3A St Helens and residents from Heald Farm Court, Lou and guest artists Laura Spark, Scott Farlow, Gemma Atkinson created moments, connections, and reflections on what it means to be someone shielding during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Free Download - You Make Me Feel Good - Newspaper

Following on from the sessions You Make me Feel Good ended by bringing the thoughts, drawings and poems created during the workshops together into a beautiful newspaper and was shared with everyone who had contributed.

The word 'Hello' in white cursive text on a pink background.

I am grateful for your smile, the breeze in the trees, The smallest of things

Music connects across and through generations, And dancing makes you feel alive Forever, and, In those briefest of moments, Connected

As well as bringing the collaborators work together into this wonderful artwork, the newspaper invites its readers to contribute some of their own drawing and words to their copy of the book with blank space and some inspiration.

About the artist

Lou Chapelle (aka Laurence Payot)