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Medusa: A play by Rocks and Lavender Productions

24th Apr 2023

Performance as part of Prototype Projects 2022/23, created collaboratively by students from St Helens College.

Event Details
St Helens Parish Church Hall WA10 1AF
  • Performance,
  • Collectivity

The performance

The tale of Medusa is one of the most infamous Greek myths. The goddess is known for her coiled, snaky hair, her feminine beauty and her killer eyes - just one look can turn you to stone. There are many versions of her story, all of which detail the tragic punishment she received for “seducing” Poseidon, god of the sea, inside Athena’s temple. This performance reframes Medusa as the victim of a brutal assault.

Today, our feeds are filled with stories like Medusa's: of influential men abusing their power, women making compromises for fear of losing their careers, and a dark narrative questioning women's integrity in cases of assault. This new production of Medusa from emerging theatre company Rocks and Lavender Productions addresses her story through a contemporary lens, exploring ideas of abuse, cancel culture, power, sexual assault and victim blaming.

This performance uses spoken word, song, movement, projection and puppetry to share a different perspective of events in Medusa’s story. If Medusa was indeed a monster, was she not created by the trauma inflicted onto her by powerful, divine figures?

This event is part of Prototype Projects; an programme supporting artists working with communities to test, explore and develop new, innovative ideas and engage new audiences, or develop their own artistic practice. The piece was developed through research and development with a wider group of students at St Helens college, through collaborative workshops.

Content Warning

Suitable for ages 16+. This performance contains references to sexual assault, emotional abuse, victim blaming. A resource pack for this performance and its themes - which will help you to decide whether you’d like to watch the play - will be available before the performance.


Self Care toolkit

In this performance we are dealing with difficult subjects. However, we hope that you will, in the end, find it a personally empowering experience. This toolkit has been designed to offer support to anyone engaging with the show, especially anyone who might be impacted by its content.

About Rocks and Lavender Productions

Rocks and Lavender Productions are an interdisciplinary theatre company who create immersive, contemporary pieces of performance. Their approach encompasses their talents in directing, movement, technical support, and scenography with the goal of each member being able to contribute equally.

Together, Rocks and Lavender Productions have a flair for creating performances that inspire important conversations amongst audiences, and offer new perspectives on classic stories, from topical social and political perspectives.

Access Information

The performance will take place on the first floor of the church hall. Level access via a lift is available through the main church entrance. Toilets, including accessible toilets are available on the ground floor of the building.

The entrance to the Church Hall is under the bridge between Halifax and Sidewalk Clothing.