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Growing Antlers

19th Nov 30th Dec 2022

Part of Knowsley Safari’s popular Enchanted winter trail, Growing Antlers is a magical new video art installation created by artist Lou Chapelle working with families from Knowsley.

Event Details
  • Installation,
  • Families,
  • Collectivity

"When we come together we’re as strong as the forest."

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Inspired by the winter solstice and Knowsley Safari’s ancient woodland setting and the deer herd who roam it, the hologram-like audio visual spectacle explores the magic, myth and spirituality that these ‘guardians of the forest’ have inspired in cultures across the world.

Visitors are invited to pause at the installation and watch and listen as colourful autumn leaves fall, pink moons rise, flowers bloom and people magically transform... and imagine what would happen if we grew antlers and could tune in and reconnect into the nature all around us?

Find out more about Enchanted and book your tickets.

Artist Lou Chapelle says:

“I was fascinated by the idea of deer antlers as antennae linking the earth with the sky, the moon and the stars and how they might help us tune into deeper meanings, feelings and senses. It’s been a pleasure to see how the children have taken these ideas and developed them, while getting stuck in creating their own antler headdresses and turning themselves into deer for the final piece.”

Group of children and adults sat in a circle wearing hand crafted antlers and holding antlers in the middle
Image credit: Radka Dolinska
Adults helping kids assemble and wear antlers for workshop.
Image credit: Radka Dolinska
Children holding hand made floral antlers in the air, smiling.
Image credit: Radka Dolinska

More about the project on Lou Chapelle's website.

Growing Antlers takes inspiration from Knowsley Safari’s ancient woodland setting, the (extinct in the wild) Père David’s Deer herd who roam it, as well as its international deer conservation programme.

Woman wearing hand made floral antlers, holding hand made red moon covering her face.
Image credit: Radka Dolinska


Artistic Director Lou Chapelle

Soundtrack by Aimee and Taran

Video by Tim Brunsden

Animation by Laura Spark

Heart of Glass Producer Rhyannon Parry

Special thanks to the Knowsley families who were involved.

Child lying curled up on large pink hand made moon, surrounded by hand made floral antlers.
Image Credit: Radka Dolinska

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About the artist

Lou Chapelle (aka Laurence Payot)