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Connected: Dialogue through / with / in the arts

18th Feb 2015
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Langtree Park Stadium, McManus Drive, Peasley Cross Lane, Saint Helens, UK
  • Workshop,
  • Collectivity

Are you an artist that works with communities to create work?

Heart of Glass in association with Yellow Door Artists and Platform Artist Studios presents a professional development opportunity for artists and cultural producers living and working in St.Helens led by artist Dr. Susanne Bosch.

Are you an artist that works with communities to create work? This workshop focuses on artistic and communicative methods that complement each other. The focus will be on a number of key questions:

• What potential do artistic-collaborative processes have for the individual, for the community and for the common or civil society? What does it mean to work collaboratively?
• What is my role in a non-arts context?
• How do I behave or experience myself in these settings?
• What are my artistic and communicative tools?
• What does it need to deliver a successful project?

18 Feb 2015
10-3 pm
Langtree Park, St.Helens


Attendance at the workshop is FREE, but spaces are limited and booking is essential. In order to book a place, please submit your name, a recent CV, and 4-5 lines about why you wish to attend.

Please submit to info@heartofglass.org.uk or if you require further details you can email the above address, or phone 01744 455087.

Susanne Bosch is an artist, art-based researcher and teacher. She achieved a PhD about her public artwork in 2012. From 2007-2012, she developed and led the Art in Public master programme at the University of Ulster in Belfast together with Dan Shipsides. She works predominantly in public and on long-term questions, which tackle creative arguments around the ideas of democracy. Works include among other things issues around money, migration, surviving, work, societal visions and participation models. She formally uses site- and situation-specific interventions, installations, video, drawing, audio, dialogic work, in addition formats such as writing, speaking, listening, workshops, seminars and Open Space conferences. She is a trained Open Space facilitator (2008) and trained in conflict analysis and - management (2004). Susanne works internationally on exhibitions and projects.


Susanne Bosch