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Conversations Over A Brew: Season 2, Episode 7

2nd Jun 2022

Amina Atiq and Fox Irving meet up to chat about their experience of Women Working Class.

Amina Atiq is a Yemini-Scouse poet and performance artist whose work explores the identity and experience of the Yemini diaspora living in Liverpool. Amina is also an award-winning community activist and anti-racism campaigner and they are a current Humboldt Residency Fellow.

Fox Irving is a Queer, Working-Class artist, and through their work they investigate how art can be used as a tool of empowerment by their own marginalised communities. They ask: what keeps people in place, what affords fluidity, and what kinds of assembly can be transformative?

Amina and Fox met during Women Working Class North West - a working group led by Fox for Women artists and producers from Working Class or Benefit Class backgrounds in the North West. Amina was one of the artists who took part.


Episode transcript

Fox Irving