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Conversations Over A Brew: Season 2, Episode 3

8th Dec 2021

Artist Ames Pennington speaks with writer Pippa Sterk about Ames' film Queer Treatment.

Ames is an artist whose work is founded upon collaboration with others. They use humour to connect human experiences and socio-political issues.

Last year, Heart Of Glass commissioned Ames to create Queer Treatment, an online workshop to explore queer identity and representation within our media culture. This workshop went on to inspire an animated film of the same name.

Pippa is a writer and researcher who is currently preparing their PhD research on LGBT+ experiences in Higher Education.

Ames and Pippa met through the Queer Treatment workshop; Pippa as a participant and Ames as a facilitator, and during this conversation the pair reflect on Queer Treatment and what it meant to them.

Within this episode, Pippa mentions that we also commissioned them earlier this year to write about their experience of the Queer Treatment workshop. This article makes a great companion piece for this podcast episode, and comes highly recommended to anyone wishing to find out more about Queer Treatment.


Episode Transcript

Ames Pennington

Pippa Sterk