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Conversations Over A Brew: Season 2, Episode 1

23rd Sep 2021

An insightful chat (recorded over a brew) between artist Andy Field and Scarlett, a school girl from St Helens. The pair reflect on working together and wonder if children have super powers for imagining the future.

How is being nine or ten a super power?

Andy Field and his partner Beckie Darlington, make work that starts conversations between children and adults. Over this past year Andy and Beckie have worked with 146 children from across St Helens to create a guidebook about the town from the perspectives of its young people. Simply titled, The Book Of St Helens, this guidebook takes you on a unique journey through the town, highlighting the area's magical possibilities.

Scarlett was one of the children who worked with Andy and Beckie to make The Book Of St Helens. In this podcast episode we listen to Andy and Scarlett talk about how the book was created, their experience of the pandemic and Scarlett's dreams for the future.

Stick the kettle on and make yourself a brew for this episode, it's a real treat.

You can also download your free copy of The Book Of St Helens from our website and find out the answers to all the questions you've forgotten to ask ever since you got old:

  • How is being nine or ten a super power?
  • What can kids do that adults can't?
  • What do kids notice that adults overlook?

Special thanks goes out to all the children involved in the creation of The Book Of St Helens and the schools where they learn: Ashurst, Broad Oak Community and Rainford Church of England Primary Schools.

Please click below to download the transcript of this episode.


Episode 1 transcript

Andy Field and Beckie Darlington