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Conversations Over a Brew: Season 3, Episode 2

28th Sep 2023

We hear from Dr. Fiona Whelan and artist Lucy Powell, who both employ the act of listening as a central tool in their work.

Fiona’s artistic research explores systemic power relations and inequalities. Working with diverse individuals, groups and organisations over sustained periods of time, Fiona situates herself as an embedded researcher. Rather than wondering how best to ‘platform voice’ Fiona instead works with others to create context specific conditions for listening.

Lucy’s long standing focus is upon exploring human relationality to our more-than-human world. Through her work she seeks to enact a post-individualist praxis and often works in collaboration with others. Listening is employed to unpick received hierarchies or false notions of human dominance and supremacy. Through this process of unlearning, Lucy’s work invites us to consider what it means to live care-fully now.

As practitioners, their lines of investigation may at first seem distinctly different from one another. However, as you’ll hear through their discussion, these differences often form two sides of the same coin.


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Fiona Whelan

Lucy Powell

This series of Conversations Over a Brew has been supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation as part of the Speculative Futures Programme.