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Young Hearts - gifts from us to you!

2nd Dec 2020

Artworks and art activities for you created and inspired by young people in our town. We hope these gifts will create a space for your thoughts.

Scroll down to see what have in store.

What can the future look like with kindness and creativity?

Children walk through the forest hiding up white ribbons that are wrapped around the tree trunks

Week Three - girls let's PARRty!

In this our final week, we are future-gazing with artist Kate Hodgson.

Kate is offering up a poster and a question (below) about the future of Parr, St Helens for young women. It could be a doodle, a drawing or words.... Kate wants to know what you think about the future for Parr, St Helens (as a way to kick off her zine project with young women). If you are a young woman in Parr we'd love to hear from you. Even if you don't live here, you might know someone who does and have something to say, so we'd love to see yours too. Tag us on social media #STHParrty

Scroll down to download the poster and edit away!

A blue poster with grey cloud pattern and the words 'The Future Is' in large black text and a blank space to fill in.

Download and edit the poster

Week Two

This week we send you an artwork called Same Storm, Different Boats by artist Sophie Mahon (see below).

You could print out and put it up as an artwork on your wall or window or give it to a friend.

Or scroll down to find a handy step-by-step guide on how to create your own artwork.

Sophie has created an artwork in response to the thoughts, voices and opinions of 6000 young people gathered by a consultation Heart of Glass carried out as part of an earlier project with St Helens Council. In the new year Sophie will be continuing to work with Heart of Glass and will be developing a new project that explores working with young women across St Helens.

(Did you get last week’s gift? We sent you a piece of wrapping paper illustrated by Millie Chesters, which was part of a project called This Head These Hands, created by artist Sheila Ghelani and St Helens young carers.)

A bright, colourful pattern with straight lines, triangles and circles.

Step by step guide to make your own stained glass picture

Week One

This week's gift? Not one but two!

If you are lucky enough to live here in St Helens, you can pick up a copy of St Helens Star newspaper and find a special piece of wrapping paper illustrated by Millie Chesters inside.

If you're not living in St Helens, don't worry, you can download the wrapping paper from our website and print it out at home. What's more Millie has created a very special animated GIF to use as a wall paper for your phone. Scroll down to download them!

It's all part of a project called This Head, These Hands, created by artist Sheila Ghelani and St Helens young carers.


Your animated 'This Head, These Hands' phone wallpaper (various formats)


Your printable 'This Head, These Hands' wrapping paper / poster