Our Values


We believe that the story of our communities should be owned by our communities. That we can only do the work we do with their consent.

The artists we work with are a vital link between our communities and our practice. They share our core belief that only art that’s socially engaged can create real change.

That’s why our programme will always be participatory, interactive and collaborative by its very nature.

It’s why we aim to enshrine accessibility and inclusion into everything we do. And it’s also why our approach to everything we do is honest, open, democratic and always exciting!

We don’t write the rules. We work them out, together.

We are agents of CHANGE

Our work connects the experience of people living in our community to the forces that shape all of our lives. We leverage the power of art to investigate and address the social issues and struggles of our times.

Through our commitment to conversation and collaboration, we seek to challenge who sets the agenda, who makes the decisions that affect the place we call home, and whose stories get heard.

By giving everyone – young, old, refugees, artists and activists alike – a voice we throw light on unexpected places, shift the focus and change the perspective.

Our work acts as a catalyst for change to happen.


We are committed to be part of the solidarity economy; working towards a just, fair and more caring society for all of us. Because we believe we’re in this together.

We create a safe space to unlock the hopes, fears, dreams and experiences of our community. And that space could be anywhere – our work finds its home in the most unlikely of places, because we want to get closer to the real story. We connect with people where they are.

We may be a small organisation, but we love the fact that we’re part of something bigger. And we know that we can only make change by listening, connecting and sharing.

We value and respect the experience, insight and participation of all of our community members, staff and artists, because we all have a story to tell. And, together, the stories we tell today can change the narrative of the place we call home, tomorrow.