Our Values

We ARE Collaborative

The democratisation of arts and artistic practice drives our core aim, to increase cultural engagement. Our approach is based on open, transparent and participatory practice, recognising and equally valuing the contributions of artists, individuals and communities to our overall mission and vision, and in their own right. We are wholly committed to diversity, we value and honour the insights and participation of all of our community members and we understand that isolation ultimately undermines collective liberation. Heart of Glass is built on partnership. Our work is together.

We ARE Challenging

Through our commitment to co-authorship and collaboration, we seek to challenge who gets to be part of the making of meaning, bringing multiple voices and perspectives respectfully into the making of contemporary art. We seek to challenge in terms of place, and create the conditions for work to take place in what might be classed as unexpected or non-traditional spaces. We seek to challenge in terms of our commitment to social arts practice, and support work informed by the politics of our times that seeks to create moments of collective liberation and possibility.

We ARE Caring

We are committed to open and accessible two-way communication, and work to understand and always respond constructively and positively. We are a learning organisation, open to change and committed to continuous improvement. We value and honor the insights and participation of all of our community members, staff and partners, and we value people as they are, for who they are, and understand that ALL people have inherent worth.