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Work commences on Parr's first ever mural!

24th Jun 2021

The news we've been wanting to share for weeks - that internationally-acclaimed and all-round awesome street art duo Nomad Clan have begun working with Parr residents on creating a mural!

This will be Parr's very first piece of street art.

Check out those walls just itching to be painted - opposite each other on Rudd Avenue (Wisey’s Newsagent and Barbara’s Hairdressers), next to Derbyshire Hill Family Centre. We can't wait to see Parr folks bring to this collaboration which has been supported by the amazing team at Torus Foundation and funded by Arts Council as part of our CPP programme. Huge thanks to our Artist in Residence Michelle Wren for facilitating and generally being an all round wonderful human too.

Jay Cbloxx from Nomad Clan says:
“It’s a great honour to be painting Parr's very first public murals, our hearts are set on celebrating the beautiful community spirit and unshakable endurance we have observed here, whilst at the same time reflecting back on its sturdy historical roots within famed northern industry. We look forward to creating something for people to escape into much like the abundance of greenspace around these parts, to inspire hope and to keep going/ keep growing together.”