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Reading for the Restless: What we can learn from Queer politics?

25th May 2024

A new quarterly forum to read and discuss texts through the lens of Queer Theory.

Project Details
Creative Team
  • Artist/Facilitator: Grace Collins
  • Producer/Facilitator: Dr Emma Curd

Practitioners (arts, health, youth etc.) are invited to come together in a shared learning space around a series of texts to explore these through a queer lens.

Reading for the Restless is a four-part reading forum and learning community for artists, cultural practitioners, facilitators, as well as youth and education workers. The project is for people across the North West who are passionate about social justice, human rights, self expression, learning and unlearning, with a focus on developing practice. One of the focuses of the programme looks at theory - expressly queer theory - and thinks about how we might put some of these ways of thinking into practice and activate change within the communities we work within.

Ahead of each session, two short texts will be made available as free PDF downloads from the Heart of Glass website. An ‘opt in’ reading list will also be provided. Authors and thinkers we read might include: adrienne maree brown, Jack Halberstam, Johanna Hedva and Audre Lorde.


Four sessions will take place in person and online May 2024 - February 2025:

  • Session 1: Online (Zoom), Saturday 25th May, 2pm - 5pm
  • Session 2: In person (Manchester/Liverpool), Saturday 3rd August, 2pm -5pm
  • Session 3: Online (Zoom), Saturday 2nd November, 2pm - 5pm
  • Session 4: In person on Friday 28th February, 2pm - 5pm

We want to welcome as wide a group as possible with two online and two in person meetings, so that attendees from across the UK can join in the conversation. We will ensure in person venues are accessible by frequent public transport and a local travel fund will be available for people within the North West of England.

Facilitated by St Helens based artist Grace Collins and Heart of Glass’ Learning Producer Emma Curd.

Grace Collins