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1st Apr 7th Dec 2016
Project Details
  • Care
Creative Team
  • Artist: Alison Kershaw
  • Artist: Adele Fowles
  • Artist: Sandra Bouguerch
  • Collaborators: Members of the Alzheimer's Society Social Group 'Youth Club'

"Perhaps the role of the artist in our society has been to look and interpret the world; to reflect life back to us; to offer a guide, a map or a model to inform our view."

(Alison Kershaw R-Age: A Definition of Love 2016)

R-Age was commissioned through a partnership between Heart of Glass and St Helens Council Adult Health and Social Care, hoping to create a project focussed on bringing artists and dementia carers together to provide respite and outlet through creative interventions.

A pilot project, R-Age was planned to look at how the arts can be used to support dementia carers whilst offering meaningful and creative sessions for the people they cared for.

Throughout 2016 Artists Alison Kershaw, Adele Fowles and Sandra Bouguerch collaborated with people living with Dementia to explore identity and personal experience through literature, film, sculpture and paintings.

Alison and Adele worked with people caring for a family member with dementia to reflect on the way that writers, film-makers, poets and painters have interpreted the experience of those living with the disease and the people around them.

Alongside Alison and Adele's reflective workshops, Sandra facilitated a series of creative sessions with those family members with dementia, collaborating through a sharing of dialogue and creative responses based on gesture and themes of identity using sculpture, painting and collage.


Two short films were shown alongside paintings, sculptures and photography as part of a final exhibition and sharing event on Wednesday 7 December 2016

R-Age A Definition of Love was created by Alison Kershaw, Sandra Bouguerch and Adele Fowles in collaboration with the participants using video, photographs and sound recorded during the project

Reading R-Age sees Adele reading extracts from some of the literature that was shared during the reflective workshops

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