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Queer Eutopia

1st Mar 2023

Two murals explore what a more inclusive and welcoming world might look like for everyone, especially those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Project Details
Creative Team
  • Producer: Rhyannon Parry
  • Lead Artist: Emma Colbert
  • Artist/Facilitator: Leo Soph Welton
  • Collaborators: The Lee Cooper Foundation, Newton Community Centre

“Joy is an essential component of imagining a queer future” - Christopher Bigelow

Artists Emma Colbert and Leo Soph Welton explored the idea of a more inclusive future with LGBTQIA+ young people from The Lee Cooper Foundation, and staff at Northern. Over a series of workshops, Emma, Leo and their collaborators experimented with collage, planting, poetry, photography, drawing/painting and placard making.

Together, these ideas and creations inspired two artworks for Prescot and Newton-le-Willows train stations. The murals platform LGBTQIA+ voices from satellite towns between Liverpool and Manchester and both artworks carry a positive message about supporting each other to create safer, more welcoming places to live.

The title Queer Eutopia comes from the realistic or attainable concept of a good place; the word ‘utopia’, on the other hand, is a place that does not exist.

Queer Eutopia at Prescot station

Process and workshops

When we were invited to bring the project to Knowsley Flower Show, the artists decided to create limited edition Be An Ally seed cards. These were handed out for free to plant at home, as the artists engaged visitors in conversations about the importance of amplifying young people's voices locally.

Queer Eutopia at Newton-le-Willows station

The project continued in St Helens, where Emma and Leo collaborated with young people from Newton Community Centre, on another mural for Newton-le-Willows train station.


You'll find Queer Eutopia at two train stations:

  1. Prescot Station, Prescot L34 5SY
  2. Newton-le-Willows Station, Mill Lane, Newton-le-Willows WA12 9SF

Emma Colbert-Mooring

Leo Soph Welton

Supported by Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places programme. Supported by Homotopia. Created in collaboration with Northern, Lee Cooper Foundation and Newton Community Centre.