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9th Jul 2017 30th Nov 2019
Project Details
  • Collectivity

Helen is a once in a generation series of art projects and programmes of work created by partners Heart of Glass, idle women, and ANU Productions and the women of St Helens.

Helen takes its inspiration from the women of St Helens.

A multi faceted programme of work, Helen initially took place over three years, creating opportunities for women with a range of experiences and confidence to get involved; from conversation to performance, plumbing to demolition, decorating to stage management.

In 2018 and beyond, the partners pushed the boundaries of how and why art is made. A series of workshops, collaborations and performances offered immersive art experiences in collaboration with St Helens women. This artistic programme was constructed to develop tools with and for women. Tools for building a new kind of future for women in the town and beyond.

Helen includes:

- a three year deconstruction and construction project with local women and women in trade developed by idle women

Torch a new immersive performance for St Helens created by Anu Productions

Gossips an eighteen month talent development programme for women’s professional development created by Sarah Bailey for Heart of Glass; and

Helen Digital a new platform by Charmian Griffin for women who want to tear the house apart. Helen is made possible by Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence programme.