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And, On That Note

1st Jun 14th Dec 2014

35 artists, students from St Helens College an Carmel College, dancers from 'Watch This Space Productions' and Cheerleader group come together to create a visual art commission with 500 participants.

Project Details
  • Collectivity
Creative Team
  • Lead Artist: Rhona Byrne
  • Artist: Michelle Wren

A choir of 500 people become an 'emotional choir' and performed throughout the event alongside moving sculptures.

'And, on that Note' is a visual art commission which combined choral voices with sculpture, performance and audience participation. A team of 35 locally based artists, students from St Helens College and Carmel College, dancers from 'Watch This Space Productions' and a Cheerleader group helped in the production of the works as well as performing at 'Silent Night' on December 10th 2014 at Langtree Park, Rugby Stadium.

The works were presented as part of Silent Night, an event linked to the anniversary of the World War 1 Christmas Truce of 1914. For one evening this event brought together school, church and community choirs from across the borough, forming a mass choir of some 500 local singers and an audience of approx 1500.

‘And, on that note’ considered moments of transition, states of uncertainty, inbetween private thought and public behavior. The performative works present individual and collective endurance - the patterns within moments of exertion where action, feeling and meaning become one. Each element looks at the ‘self’ during moments of human interaction and gathering, reflecting on the tensions between isolation, desire, connection and unity.

Elements of the work included:

A fabric sculpture, which performers provided the flexible support structure of, which greeted the audience as they entered the Arena and moved around the pitch to observe the event.

A rugby stadium with two of the seating areas full of people. We are looking down for the top of a corner set of stairs over the audience's shoulders towards the pitch, where a group of people stand wrapped in blue and red fabric.

A carpeted landmass sat still on the arena’s pitch until it rumbled and fell apart. A mass of moving sculptures of giant boulders.

In a rugby stadium, with empty red seats behind them, a collection of large rock shaped sculptures with human legs move around the pitch which is covered in black material and had yellow sculptures on the ground. They are lit by a spotlight.
In a rugby stadium a large rock shaped sculpture has a person inside it with their legs visible. Under a night sky they stand on the pitch, which is covered by black material.
Five rock shaped sculptures with one person in each stand with their legs visible in an empty rugby stadium. It is night time and the pitch is lit by flood lights.
All Image Credits: Stephen King

Inflatable black clouds negotiated the terrain. An inflatable sculpture manifested as a collective breath in the opposite stand of the stadium.

In a rugby stadium with an audience looking on two groups of people carry a large mass of black modelling balloons in a cloud shape around the pitch.

The Choir of 500 people, who performed three interludes during the event where they became an 'Emotional Choir'.
These interludes were choreographed to coincide with the moving sculptural elements.

Part 1 A laughter Choir where each row laughed in turn until the whole choir were laughing and the clouds moved across the pitch and were passed into the audience.

Part 2 The Choir and audience were invited to repeat the name of a person they loved while the landmass erupted and fell apart.

Part 3 The choir sang a high note, while holding a gold card infront of their heads until they couldnt hold the note anymore.