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The Instinct Lab: Part One

19th Apr 20th Apr 2024

Join artists Anna and Leo (Unfinished Business) and the Incredible Edible community for The Instinct Lab: Gut Grief, a new project exploring gut health, our ancestors and community empowerment.

Event Details
Incredible Edible Knowsley, Liverpool, UK
  • Free
Access Information

Access information for Incredible Edible and Court Hey Park:

  • Wheelchair accessible, with flat access

  • Nearest train station is Broad Green Station (for trains to and from Lime Street) - 15 minute walk from Court Hey Park

  • The number 79 and 61 buses run from Liverpool city centre and Huyton train station, respectively

  • Nearest accessible parking is in the main car park at Court Hey Park

  • By bike - Court Hey Park is situated not far from the Loop Line

  • Accessible toilet

Creative Team
  • Artist (s): Unfinished Business

What is gut instinct? Gut intuition? Gut feeling? How do we feed it and what can we feed it with?

We will create a fermentation shed / shrine to our ancestors and the microbial world, and run a series of creative workshops in and around it. Can exploring natural processes of fermentation and decomposition help inform our approach towards living, dying and letting go?

Friday 19th April, 11am - 3pm

Join us for a cup of tea and a chat. Find out more and have your say about designs for the new fermentation shed, to be built together with the community in June.

Saturday 20th April, 12pm - 2pm

Leo and Anna invite you to a creative session involving writing and seed planting to explore our dreams for the future of the project.

Anna and Leo will be working with communities at Incredible Edible Knowsley for the next year, experimenting with various forms of fermentation and divination. This project is part of Heart of Glass’ year-long programme exploring grief.

Why Fermentation?

Food fermentation is a process of pre-digestion, where microorganisms like yeast and bacteria break down raw ingredients, creating more digestible, nourishing and often enjoyable products; such as sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kimchi, and yoghurt.

Fermentation also offers ways to re-think our relationship to the unseen world and consider how death and decomposition play a fundamental role in the flourishing of life.

The shed will be a space for play, ritual and reflection, where we can create and sit with our ferments, remember our ancestors, conjure our dreams for the future and observe the magic of transformation over time.

The shed will live on as a legacy of the project, with fermentation becoming part of the food offer at the garden, and a small library of books related to the project’s themes will be housed in the shed - the perfect place to sit and rest.

Unfinished Business