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Madlove Take Over: Stand Up, Sit Down, Roll Over by Jess Thom

1st Nov 2019
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  • Collectivity

Stand Up, Sit Down, Roll Over is a work in progress from a comedian whose unique neurology makes it impossible for her to stay on script. Jess has Tourettes Syndrome, which means she says “Biscuit” 16,000 times a day. Come and find out what happens when the most persistent heckler is also the main act.

Jess is one of the 10% of people with Tourettes who has obscene tics. As a result, some content may cause offence. But this is stand-up so you know that already!

The Madlove Take Over space is safe, welcoming and accessible. Please find more access information and a map of the venue below.


Access Info


Map of the Venue