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Turning the town into an arts centre


Creating spaces for us to come together

For us, St Helens, and every community we work in, are places to showcase art.

That’s why you’ll see us popping up in the most unexpected places. From care homes, to taxi cabs, town squares to social clubs.

We often talk about the town as our arts centre. We believe art opens up a space for thinking, sharing and challenge - it does not need to happen under one roof, or even under a roof!

Creating spaces for us to come together

We work in solidarity with partners, colleagues and communities grappling with austerity, political oppression and democratic deficits. We wish to be part of a solution, and through our work we place art, and the making of art into issues of place, care, identity and prosperity.

Our work connects the experience of people living in our communities to the forces that shape all of our lives.

We leverage the power of art to investigate and address the social issues and struggles of our times. Through conversation and collaboration, we seek to challenge who sets the agenda, who makes the decisions that affect the place we call home, and whose stories get heard.

Lost Castles: St Helens created by Olivier Grossetȇte and the St Helens community. Heart of Glass in partnership with St Helens Council, part of a Liverpool City Region project. Photo credit: Stephen King.
Circles Shadows Shelter Light Cathy Cross with students at Lansbury Bridge School and Sports College.Commissioned by Heart of Glass, October 2019

We are interested in the things that connect us and the things that make us different

We love working in St Helens, the wider Liverpool City Region and further afield, and we’re fortunate to team up with amazing people from near and far. Everyone has the right (and the potential) to make art. And everywhere has the possibility to be a gallery, or performance space – every wall a screen, every street a stage!