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We don’t write the rules - we work them out, together


Supporting artists and communities to embark on creative journeys together and make art.

Four young people are walking down a pedestrianised high street towards the camera. They are dressed all in white with white aprons on and black bowler hats with flowers around the brim. They are holding bunches of brightly coloured flowers and two of them also have postcards in their hands. They are smiling and chatting as they walk.

Our core philosophy is inspired by co-production - communities and artists making together. People are central to both our thinking and our practice. We are interested in building communities of enquiry, in sharing skills and experience, and placing art in direct interaction with all areas of life. The results of this activity ranges from theatre to visual art, and everything in between.

We see creativity as the key to our collective future

We are living in a particular period of harsh change in which opportunity and dignity are being stripped away from individuals and communities. We believe that creativity matters to our civic life, our communities and our everyday lives. By working together we create the possibility of dialogue and critique and new ways to imagine the future and ways of being. When we create, we make, and making is a powerful indicator of change!

A young boy and a women are screen printing together. Both wear white aprons splattered with paint.
It is a summers day on a busy pedestrianised high street. Crowds of people are watching as a parade of people walk by holding up colourful banners and flags.

Rooted, interactive and collaborative

Our programme will always be rooted, interactive and collaborative by its very nature. It’s why we aim to enshrine accessibility and inclusion into everything we do. And it’s also why our approach to everything we do is honest, open, democratic and always exciting! We don’t write the rules - we work them out, together. By working in solidarity with young, old, artists and activists alike – the collective voice we create can throw light on unexpected places, shift focus and change perspectives.

Some of the organisations we collaborate with