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Creating safer spaces


Making work that asks what does care look and feel like? How do we recognise it? How do we value it?

People sit around a long table in a light filled room. The people are of all ages from a young child to older people. The table is covered in flowers and everyone has a cup and saucer in front of them. Two women stand at the end of the table serving cups of tea and are smiling.

Creating a safe space in which to share hopes, fears, dreams and experiences

We are committed to operating in solidarity with our community; working towards a just, fair and more caring society for all of us. We believe we’re in this together and so we wish to create, through our work, a safe space in which to share hopes, fears, dreams and experiences.

Care is central to our programme at Heart of Glass

Something we consider through many of our commissions, residencies and events. Our programme only happens because we work with a whole ecology of people who care – artists, community workers, facilitators, activists, hosts, producers.

Through our projects we often explore what care looks and feels like? How do we recognise it, how do we value it?

We all have a story to tell

We may be a small organisation, but we love the fact that we’re part of something bigger. And we know that we can only make change by listening, connecting and sharing. We strive to explore a different kind of socially engaged practice - one of unexpected surprises, real care and an interruption of the everyday.

We value and respect the experience, insight and participation of all of our community members, staff and artists, because we all have a story to tell. And, together, the stories we tell today can change the narrative of the place we call home, tomorrow.

A group of people sit around a table in a green room with a keyboard and several multi coloured bells on it.

Some of the organisations who are part of our 'care' ecology