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Rudy Loewe

Rudy Loewe is a visual storyteller/arts educator engaging in critical social issues and histories through painting, drawing and print. Their practice interrogates what has become truth in the collective memory, envisaging alternate futures that centre black queer experience. Pertinent questions within their practice have been — Who are the authors of history? Whose narratives are seen as objective? How do we preserve our own legacies?

Threads within their work are Black history, colonialism, gender & sexuality and Caribbean folklore. Rudy uses a visual language to disentangle these themes and highlight the interconnectedness in our struggles against oppression.

Often Rudy uses personal narratives, collected first hand experiences and archival material as a starting point in their work. They are concerned with who has access to archives; and the way our histories are disseminated.

Having organised in activist and community spaces over the last decade, Rudy is motivated by the potential for art as an activist tool. They see their artistic practice as a way of engaging people in critical themes, raising awareness of issues and creating community space.

They/ them pronouns.